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50 Meter Center Fire Rifle

50 Meter Center Fire Rifle

550mm x 550mm

Match Rules
Centre Fire Rifle Rules For Equipment & Ammunition.
A maximum muzzle velocity of 1400 fps is not to be exceeded.
2. A maximum of 7.62mm is not to be exceeded.
3. Projectiles are to consist of lead and lead alloy only.
No jacketed or semi jacketed projectiles are approved.
4. Gas checks are not to be used.
5. Paper targets only to be used.
6. Steel Targets of any form are not to be used.
7. Other than when using the prone position, all firing is to be from a properly baffled point.
8. On each day of use and prior to any firing, a random sample of all participant ammunition is to be tested by chronograph to ensure the maximum approved muzzle velocity will not be exceeded. These random samples are to be additionally inspected to ensure the projectiles consist of lead and lead alloy only and do not have gas checks.
9. This testing is to be conducted prior to any firing, regardless of whether it is a competition or practice.
Center Fire Rifle Rules.
1. The target shall be the 25/50 International Slow Fire Precision Target

There shall be two separate divisions for the purposes of scoring and Competition.

a) - Scoped - no limit on the type and/or power of sighting scope.

b) - Open - iron sights only - no peep sights.

Competition in both divisions is only open to field type.

Rifles, not target rifles. No hooked but plates, forearm rests, adjustable stocks or slings.

3. Course of Fire
a) - All shooting at 50 yards
b) - 5 sighting shots in 4 minutes from the prone positions.

c) - 5 shots in 4 minutes from each of the following positions in the -----------------following order:

1. - Prone.

2. - Kneeling.

3. - Sitting.

4. - Standing Supported.

5. - Standing Unsupported.

4. Positions

a) - No artificial support except in the standing supported position and then -----only from the Service Pistol barricade.

b) - Prone. - In the prone positions.

c) - Kneeling. - No part of the body above the knees to touch the ground.

d) - Sitting. - The shooter must actually sit on the ground. No part of the-------------body above the waist

e) - Standing supported. - Resting either hand or arm or rifle against the ---------side of the barricade.

f ) - Standing unsupported. - Free standing, no support for any part of the ---------rifle or body

5. No spotting scopes or binoculars or the like are permitted except for sighting shots.
6. Each target shall be scored after 10 shots. [The number of "X" 10 shots to be scored as well.]

Ties to be broken on "X" count. "X" Count ties to be broken by a shoot- off as follows.

a) - One shot from each position, prone, sitting, and kneeling in 3 minutes, --------the shooter unloading before changing position.

b) - Further ties to be broken by a repeat of the soot-off until tie is broken.

c) - Shoot-off to be scored after each 3 shots.


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